Welcome to my website!


I am a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow based at the Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology at The University of Glasgow. I am also the Honorary Secretary of the British Neuropsychological Society until 2022.

My research interests include visuospatial attention, pseudoneglect, cognitive aging, laterality, stroke rehabilitation, non-invasive brain stimulation (mainly tDCS), EEG and neurofeedback. I am working on a few different research strands at present:

Oscillations in patients with visual/attention disturbance after stroke:
I am Chief Investigator of the BRAVAS-2 clinical trial. In this trial I am investigating rhythmic neural activity (oscillation) in people with visual and/or attention disturbance after stroke (hemianopia & hemispatial neglect). We are currently recruiting across NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and NHS Lanarkshire.

My research also involves lateralised biases of visuospatial attention (pseudoneglect), particularly developmental and age-related changes in spatial biases, and the “real-world” consequences of spatial attention asymmetries (e.g. in driving behaviour and object avoidance).

Non-invasive brain stimulation:
I am interested in tDCS experimental methods, mainly the idea of placebo effects, and ensuring that sham conditions are appropriately blinded.

I am always happy to discuss collaborations and potential MSc or PhD projects. Please get in touch via Gemma.Learmonth@glasgow.ac.uk or Twitter @gemma_learmonth.